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MAY 11-17

LRFF2012 Day4 Highlights

  Day 4 of the LRFF is when things start getting a little hectic—there are so many excellent showings at all times of day it’s like swimming in a movie paradise. Luckily, this weekend, you’ll have several chances to catch all of the most talked-about offerings. Of many incredible selections that showed last night, one of the most compelling was Benjamin Dickinson’s First Winter, about a group of handsome hipster yoga aficionados living in an intentional community at a rural farmhouse. Things are peaceable at first—everyone is emotionally open, meditates together, and gets along lovingly. But after the power goes out for an unexplained reason, tensions in the house come to a head. They’re low on food, the attentions of their leader, Paul, are straying to another woman, and one of the residents is cultivating a pretty substantial drug problem. When a former resident, Marie, turns up out of nowhere, her resurfacing presents an awkward comfort in this group of psychologically struggling and somewhat damaged beings. First Winter sold out at all four of its screenings recently at Tribeca, and it’s most certainly one of those provocative, of-our-time films that need to be seen and whose subject matter serves as an excellent conversation kindling. Needless to say, the house was packed for its first LRFF showing. After the screening, Dickinson revealed that the community leader, Paul, was played by his real-life yoga instructor, Paul Manza, and the farm where film was shot is actually Manza’s facility. Dickinson explained that, with limited resources and seemingly unable to secure the funding for the film he really wanted to make, he turned to what...