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MAY 11-17

LRFF2012 Day5 Highlights

  Day 5 of the LRFF was even a little more Southern-themed than usual—I made sure to check out The Dynamiter, filmed next door in Mississippi. This film has that special quality of feeling so eerily accurate largely because two of the lead characters were not only natives of the area but acquaintances. It’s also one of the many films showing this year that center on the interior emotional lives of children, especially as they struggle with loss or lack of family. In the post-screening interview with Democrat-Gazette‘s movie columnist Philip Martin, the lead actor, William Ruffin, who plays Robbie, revealed that the poverty his character lived in was probably characteristic of at least half of the kids he grew up with in the Greenville, Mississippi area. Amusingly, Patrick Rutherford, who plays his feckless and manipulative brother Lucas, admitted that the inspiration for his character he took from his twin brother, who was “the bad one” of the two. Hearing these lesser-experienced actors speak with palpable energy and enthusiasm was pretty thrilling—their film is a moving and realistic portrayal that will hopefully garner more critical attention. You’ve got another chance to catch it today at 1:30 PM. One of the most provocative and poignant documentaries featured here at LRFF this year is Bill and Turner Ross’s Tchoupitoulas, a verite-style documentary that captures a deeply impressionistic portrait of New Orleans, especially the French Quarter, at night. The film premiered at SXSW this year and immediately received serious critical response. Following three brothers from Algiers, a community located across the river from the Quarter, as they go out for a night on the town....