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MAY 11-17

7 Questions for These Birds Walk Directors Bassam Tariq & Omar Mullick

One of a handful of innovative new documentaries will be featuring at the LRFF this year is These Birds Walk,  from Bassam Tariq and Omar Mullick about a poor runaway boy and a reluctant ambulance driver in Karachi, Pakistan who are brought together by a dying humanitarian leader upon whom so much of their daily lives depend. I spoke with the filmmakers about the organization in Pakistan they featured, the unique style of the film, and what is like working together as a team. 1. How do you guys know each other?  Was this the first project that you all had done in Pakistan? B: Omar and I met through a very close mutual friend of ours, Musa Syeed. After getting an early glimpse of a photo gallery he was putting together, I sent him a long-winded email about this film project I’ve been trying to get off the ground about Abdul Sattar Edhi, the elusive humanitarian that kickstarts the film. O: The only thing I would add is that Bassam and I had not been friends for very long, but after a few chats about aesthetic interests and risk, it was clear we would attack the film with a shared sensibility. 2. What is the  Edhi Foundation? Are they making a difference in Pakistan, in your opinion? B: The Edhi Foundation started off as a rogue ambulance service by Abdul Sattar Edhi in the 1950’s. It’s now the largest and most important social and health service provider for the majority of folks in Pakistan. Before we left to Pakistan, I was watching a livefeed of a bombing in...