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MAY 11-17

7 Questions for Short Term 12 Director Destin Daniel Cretton

Destin Daniel Cretton is on a roll after winning both the Grand Prize and Audience awards at SXSW with his film Short Term 12 this Spring.  Short Term 12 will open the 2013 Little Rock Film Festival on May 15. This is Cretton’s second time at the LRFF his film I am not a Hipster was a 2012 Official Selection.  Short Term 12 was recently picked up for distribution by Cinedigm.  1. Can you Describe Short term 12? What is the meaning of the title? Short Term 12 is the name of the residential foster-care facility that much of the film takes place in. The story follows Grace, the group home’s supervisor, as she counsels the teens in her care while learning to deal with the deeply rooted issues in her own life. But at its core, this is a story about the incredible human ability to love when it’s not easy, to laugh in the midst of tragedy, and to create family wherever we are 2. Tell us about the origins of Short Term 12? It was initially a 20 minute film?   Before I went to film school, I worked at a foster-care facility for teenagers. In 2008, I wrote and directed a short, 20-minute film, based on my experiences working at that group home. That short film (also titled Short Term 12) won the Jury Prize at Sundance in 2009, which encouraged me to write a feature screenplay in the same world. I finished that script in 2010 and it ended up winning an Academy Nicholl Fellowship that year, which allowed me to write another screenplay, “I...