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MAY 11-17

LRFF Artisan Street Fair

LRFF Artisan Street Fair

When: Saturday, May 17th

Time: 10.30am – 5.30pm

Mission: To promote local culture with a flair and to support a community of artists, collectors, and first time entrepreneurs.

In keeping with its goal of promoting the local arts and culture, Little Rock Film Festival will host its first ever Artisan Street Fair – May 17th. The event will be part of the 2014 Film Festival, which that takes place May 12th -18th this year, and take place by our main festival venue: CALS Ron Robinson Theater in downtown Little Rock.

LRFF’s Artisan Street Fair will pay homage to our Southern roots by bringing together a collection of Little Rock’s best vendors in a bustling downtown outdoor marketplace.  We will curate the finest artisanal food, vintage clothing, jewelry, crafts, home goods, drinks and much more, giving film festival goers, filmmakers and shoppers the joy of discovering the next ‘big thing’ here in Little Rock and also giving them a taste of some of the best things rocking Little Rock.

With visiting filmmakers from around the United States and the world and with more than thousands of festival goers attending the event during the Little Rock Film Festival, what better day and audience to showcase Little Rock and to offer a taste of our Southern Hospitality and Culture?

We are accepting new vendors and look at all incoming applications, but because of our small setup and with an eye on our goal, we regret that we can only accept a limited number of vendors this one day event. All interested vendors will need to contact Darielle D’mello ( to fill out an application form to be considered for an available booth space!