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MAY 11-17

Hal Needham Highlights

One of the best events of the entire Little Rock Film Festival was the event with Hal Needham, director of the classic film Smokey and the Bandit. Tim Basham from Paste Magazine interviewed Mr. Needham who has had probably one of the most interesting lives in Hollywood.  He started out as a stunt man, and later a stunt coordinator, before he went on to direct.  He worked with John Wayne on 8 films.  This was a not to miss event.  Thanks to for hosting this video! Tim Basham of Paste Magazine interviewd Mr.... Interviews Prairie Love Filmmakers interviewed the filmmakers of Prairie Love this weekend, a film that was nominated for the Golden Rock for best narrative film at the   festival.  They are a fun bunch and you can look for their film in a little over a month on Netflix!  Prairie Love premiered at Sundance and took the top prize at the Oxford Film Festival in... Interviews Festival Goers

Not only did interview filmmakers this year, but they also tried to interview a few patrons of the festival as well.  They were able to interview Angela Burgess and Courtney Taylor, the owners of AngelCourt Jewels.  This was their second year to come to the festival and they plan on coming back every year from now on. The spoke of how the festival is not only good for filmmakers to showcase their films or for people to watch them, but how things they learned there can be applied to their business. The Little Rock Film Festival is for... Interviews Daniel Campbell interviews another winner for us. For the first time in the history of the Little Rock Film Festival a person has won the Best in Arkansas Award a second time.  Last year Daniel Campbell won for the short Antiquities and this year he’s won the Ishares Charles B Pierce Award for Best “Made in Arkansas” Film for The Orderly.  This guy has a lot of stuff going on, and you can learn more in this interview from the Film Festival... interviews Jeff Nichols

At the Little Rock Film Festival this weekend had the opportunity to interview director Jeff Nichols.  He came to the festival to show his first feature Shotgun Stories, do a Q & A with local film critic Phillip Martin, and then show the first 4 minutes of his latest film Take Shelter.  It just won the Grand Prix at Critics Week at the Cannes Festival.  It was the only American film accepted into Critics Week and in it’s 50 years he is only the 4th American to take this award.  Even with these accolades he is nothing but humble and down to earth.  Check it out below and click here to see the trailer for Take...