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MAY 11-17

LRFF2015 Announces ‘Made in Arkansas’ Competition Lineup

Showcasing the best of Arkansas films and filmmakers, Little Rock Film Festival is proud to announce this years’ ‘Made in Arkansas’ competition lineup. Curated by Faith Chonko. Assistant Programmer Gerry Bruno. 


Contact, Director – Alexander Jeffrey

Dr. Jake Clearwater, O.D. helps patients see the world more clearly, more beautifully. After losing the love of his life to his former best friend in high school, Jake has spent the years watching from afar. Now, upon the advent of silicone contact lenses, Jake sees his opportunity to pounce and reconnects with his old pal Darrin McAdam.

Dim the Lights, Director – Dwight Chalmers

A Super 8 road trip edited in-camera takes the viewer to unexpected places.

Forsaken, Director – Krisha Mason

A young woman struggling to overcome a tragic loss searches for purpose in her life. When her mother and sister offer no support, she discovers a friend who encourages her to not lose hope, but when tragedy strikes, she must decide if she can continue to live her life as she did before.

Go to the Ball with Me, JennyDirector – Cole Borgstadt

A quirky sixteen year old boy makes this video for a cute girl in his Language Arts class to ask her to their school’s Winter Ball.

Hush, Director – Kenn Woodard

A psychological thriller based in a small, southern town – ‘Where power breeds dirty politics and murder’.

I Hate Alphaman, Director – Hunter West

Everybody loves Alphaman. Except for Alex Arthur. To him he, he is the worst person imaginable. He’s always messing everything up and ruining his plans. And honestly he’s not that cool. The city is just being deceived. One day…One day he’ll show them.


Little Brother, Director – Eric White

Herbert was a boy like any other. He lived in a small, white home with only his mother, until one day she brought him home a baby brother. With his mother’s attention divided, he decided one way or another, he was going to get rid of his little brother.

LoserDirector – Andrew Lisle

As two brothers journey through high school together they find out that bullying impacts everyone differently forcing them to chose deadly consequences

MatchMaker, Director – Robin Sparks

Finding your perfect mate takes on a whole new meaning in a dystopian society.

Meredith, Director – Scott Eggleston

A man confesses an indiscretion to his wife. She retorts.

Monotony Broken, Director – J.C. Cocker

Unsatisfied with life as she lives it, a young lady finds herself caught in the headlights of a stranger and chooses to turn it into a vivid life experience.

Not Interested, Director – Matt Foss

Two door to door evangelists compete to the death for a conversion.

Overgrown, Director – Bruce Hutchinson

An other-worldly being named Bindy spends her days roaming the woods collection the World’s unfulfilled promises and wishes.

Perfect Machine, Director – Jarrod Paul Beck

 Non-compliant citizens Stevens 8936 and Warner 5963 discover the freedom of a forbidden world outside the confines of their oppressive society.

Pyro, Director – Cole Borgstadt

A mild pyromaniac boy and his older brother struggle to adapt to changes after the death of their parents.

Rapture Us, Director – Levi Agee

The rapture doesn’t go quite as planned for one young man, but after meeting another of those left behind, things start looking up.

Rites, Director – Cody Harris

Ava, a 17 year old girl from a rural town in the mid south, has recently lost her mother, resulting in family tension. Her father rarely speaks to her and stays out late into the night. When clues start to arise, Ava sets out to find the truth behind his behavior and makes a shocking discovery.

Sassy & the Private Eye, Director – Tanner Smith

A private detective sets out to clear a humble Sasquatch’s name of murder.

Simple, Director – Scott McEntire

Sometimes packages need to be delivered discretely. That especially applies when those packages aren’t exactly lawful. The problem is that when this is your line of work, you better be quick on your feet because you never know when you might be blamed for what is exactly inside that package.

Southern Pride, Director – Nick Lane

When it seems their young son will be proposing to his girlfriend over dinner, a southern gay couple go on a walk and get into a fiery debate about the pros and cons of marriage.

Spoonin’ the Devil, Director – Michael Carpenter

After the death of her husband Victoria, with her niece Samantha in tow, begrudgingly takes his ashes to their final resting place. Dumping spoonfuls of his ashes along the way.

Stay A While, Director – Michael Kelley

A young man and his girlfriend are happy together in all that they do until one night, the girlfriend disappears and the young man searches the streets in a frantic search.

Stranger Than Paradise, Director – Johnnie Brannon

Since the death of the love of his life, the world that Bill once viewed has become nothing buy a Gray shell. While delivering roses to her grave, Phyllis comes back one last time to help Bill remember the love they once shared.


The Ask, Director – Edmund Lowry

Sometimes to get what you want you have to plan and rehearse the perfect sales pitch. And sometimes you just have to ask.

The Dealer’s Tale, Director – Justin Nickels

A modern retelling of Chaucer’s ‘Pardoner’s Tale.’ Two hit men go on the search for Death and a mysterious boy helps them find him.

The Grace of Jake, Director – Chris Hicky

Fresh out of prison, drifter musician Jake heads to Palestine, Arkansas, population 678, where his father lives and works. Jake has never met his father, but holds him responsible for all of life’s troubles and is intent on revenge. Once he gets to this small town, big things start to happen and secrets are revealed.

The Hanging of David O. Dodd, Director – Huixia Lu

David Dodd, a 17 yr old confederate spy who is remembered as a martyr of the confederacy, is the center of this story. In cooperation with the Weekend theater, a play written for the stage by playwright Phillip H. McMath. The film blends the two and looks at how he is remembered 150 years after his death.

The Making of “Sensitivity Training”, Director – Tanner Smith

Making a short film within 48 hours is a lot of work…but it’s also a lot of fun! Team Flokati Films must write, shoot, and edit a short film in just two days. Hi-jinks ensue as they embark on their filmmaking journey.

The PaperBoy, Director – Thien Ngo

The road to becoming a Paperboy is a difficult journey. One must be able to throw newspapers with lethal accuracy, fend off dogs, master 10 speeds, and evade oncoming traffic.


The Phone in the Attic, Director – Jim Long

A young woman becomes the prime murder suspect when those who institutionalized her begin dying.

The Pop N’ Lock, Director – Jadon Barnes

Watch as your drunk childhood toys return from the club, when Mr. Lego proves to his lady Lego friend that he didn’t leave ALL his moves on the dance floor.

The Space Station, Director – Michael Sutterfield

A limousine ride home turns into an out of this world trip. Or does it?

The Town Where Nobody Lives, Director – Al Topich

An older couple who has fallen out of love find their way to a mysterious town. that forces them to confront their true emotions, and therefore, each other.


The Tricycle, Director – David Bogard

A small girl, emotionally deprived by her battling parents, longs for a loving family. She finds her happiness with a broken tricycle and her fantasies.

The Whisperers, Director – Jason Miller

While home alone with his annoying little brother, a boy must uncover the source of strange, unintelligible whispers surrounding his family’s isolated house.

Twas the Night of the Krampus, Director – Donavon Thompson

On the eve of Christmas, Santa Claus must team up with the reluctant Bill the elf, to save the President’s daughter from the terrifying Krampus.

Undefeated, Director – Nathan Willis

Undefeated tells the story of Terrance ‘Tank’ Dumas, a boxer with a history of battles both in and outside the ring. As he trains, works, cares for his family, and searches for opponents who will face him inside the ring, it is Terrance’s persistence that makes him worth of the name ‘Tank’.

Vampire-Killing Prostitute, Director – Jordan Mears

Raven is a vampire-slaying prostitute hell-bent on exacting revenge for the death of her father 18 years ago. One night, after killing a vampire, Raven gets a surprise visit from a group of vampire hunters who need her help.

What Was Lost, Director – Romello Williams

After the tragic loss of his son, a father must find a way to deal with his loss.