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MAY 11-17

LRFF2014 Made in Arkansas Official Selections Announced

The Little Rock Film Festival is proud to announce its ‘Made in Arkansas’ lineup, curated by LRFF programmer Faith Chonko.

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LRFF2014 Made in Arkansas Competition Line Up Includes:

13 Pieces of the Universe, Dir. Tara Sheffer

Within the quiet universe of the Arkansas delta, a sixteen-year-old girl is forced to confront grief and grace while navigating the complex nature of adulthood.

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 presetThe 21 Mile Marathon, Dir. Tyler Tarver

One man’s journey to run a marathon with far too little training and/or skill.

After the Tsunami, Dir. Larry Foley

After the Tsunami is a documentary film that tells the story of Indonesian college graduate students who came to US universities on scholarships following the 2004 tsunami that killed 173,000 in Banda Aceh. While roads and houses were being rebuilt, this program allowed 75 students to go away for a brief time—so they could come home to rebuild what could not be replaced with asphalt and brick and mortar.

Blowing Smoke, Dir. Mike Holifield

A historical review of the events that to the Marihuana Tax Act of 1937, and how the Federal Bureau of Narcotics used media strategies and themes to change public perception and enact new legislation. Themes such as racism, violence, and sexual deviance were common in the mass media of the early 20th century, and FBN Director Anslinger capitalized on these themes in his effort to outlaw what would become known as the ‘Devil’s Weed’.

A Broken Road to Hope, Dir. Nathan Willis

David has been in and out of the foster care system for his whole life. His father was abusive and his mother was unable to take care of him. His mom passed away a few years ago and now he belongs to the state of the Arkansas. Our film spends a few days with him as he tells his story of growing up without a steady family life. We talk about his pain as well as his hopes for the future.

Citizen Noir, Dir. Michael Ferrera

Mark Crane is a downtrodden private eye who decides to take up a case of a little girl’s missing cat. The further he goes, however, he begins to realize things aren’t as innocent as they appear.

Collection Day, Dir. Scott Eggleston

A near-future government enforcer struggles with her loyalties when her dystopian programming begins to crack.

GLASS EYES OF LOCUST BAYOUGlass Eyes of Locust BayouDir. Simon Mercer

Arkansas-based filmmaker Phil Chambliss documents his rural life through a blurred and tangled haze; his DIY films straddle fact and fiction, good and evil. In GLASS EYES OF LOCUST BAYOU, director Simon Mercer has created a mesmerizing short film about a man who documents a dark and strange version of Americana.

Homefront, Dir. Eric White

A couple must question their safety as an impending military force threatens their very way of life.

In Borrowed Time, Dir. Dustin Barnes

Jade Wallace comes into the possession of a device that can rewind the events of the recent past. She is tasked by the device’s creator to dispose of it but tension quickly escalates when two government agents begin pursuing her, ordered to retrieve the device at all cost.

Mal, Dir. Joshua Harrison

As an epidemic sweeps the nation, Daniel finds himself facing an even greater threat: a crazed posse that is hellbent on killing anyone possibly infected, including his girlfriend Mal. Daniel must now attempt to evade the hunters while also protecting an infected and helpless Mal.

Man of God, Dir. William Aughtry

A traveling miracle worker takes shelter with a widow and her son during a drought in the Arkansas Delta.


Man Shot Dead, Dir. Taylor Feltner

Man Shot Dead is an intimate portrait of a family living with the legacy of an unexplained murder. Deftly weaving archival imagery with revealing interviews, the film is at once a search for answers and a timely perspective on the cataclysmic, long-lasting effects of gun violence decades after the fact.

A Matter of Honor, Dir. David Bogard

On the night of June 2, 1864 with the American civil war still raging, two Confederate and one Union soldier meet for an exchange of goods and “trash talking” about the next days battle. Their friendly banter grows serious when a surly Confederate officer interrupts and attempts to arrest the “Yankee”. When one of the Rebels resists this intrusion the matter turns deadly, sorely testing the honor of all.

An Ode to Angeline, Dir. Sarah Jones

After she catches his eye in a crowded bar, a man becomes obsessed with the beautiful Angeline. But, just how far will he take his affection?

Origin, Dir. Caleb Fanning

A woman must decide to either extend the life of her husband, or let Mother Nature take its course.

Red Octopus, Dir. Johnnie Brannon

Red Octopus Theater has been lead for many years by Sandy Baskin, lead writer and director, who was a founding member in 1991. Red Octopus began by performing Shakespeare and soon transitioned into live sketch comedy. Red Octopus has always been made up of an assortment of artists, performers, writers, intellectuals, misfits and eccentrics.


Sacred Hearts, Holy Souls, Dir. Mark Thiedeman

Two teenage misfits at an all-boys Catholic boarding school become unlikely comrades in their struggles against a hormonal bully and an old- fashioned priest.


The Shoes of Hayim, Dir. Kenn Woodard

“Hayim” is a word of Hebrew origin meaning “Life”. In our film, a young man struggles with the news that his father, Levi, has lost his life in combat. Crippled in thought, he pushes the boundaries of time and space when he meets a veteran of war who steps in to soothe his raging wounds. Unexpectedly, the young man confronts his fear and discovers the thin line that exists between war and peace.

Sidearodia, Dir. Bruce Hutchinson

Quirky 16-year-old Rose loves flowers, animals, and mythical creatures. But when her older sister Dawn dies, she struggles to make sense of this sudden dose of reality. Her best connection to her sister is Dawn’s boyfriend David. Together the two of them begin the slow process of healing and acceptance.


Spontaneous History Lesson by Evan, Dir. Douglas Bankston

Evan, age 5, gives a spontaneous “history lesson” over dinner.

Strangers, Dir. Justin Nickels

A man gets out of jail to find his brother dating his ex just as strange things begin happening around him.

Stuck, Dir. John Hockaday

Spence is a door-to-door glue salesman who is the best at what he does. However, he dreams of doing something new. After his elderly parents die in a fantastic parachuting accident, Bob, his man-child brother moves in with his family. Will Bob’s sudden arrival break the bonds of Spence’s glue, or will this be just the change he is looking for?

Sympathy pains,  Dir. Joe Dull

When Danny and Stephanie find out they’re pregnant (surprise!), Danny can’t stop his own morning sickness. Every mention of the baby sends him running for a bathroom, except when he’s on stage. Even though he’s the worst comedian in the room, no matter the room, Danny lives to be on the stage. Danny’s symptoms only get worse when the impossible occurs- his terrible act starts getting laughs. Fighting a battle between his family and his dream job, Danny chooses both and succeeds at neither.


True Athlete, Dir. Tyler West

True Athlete shares a powerful story about life, loss and the transformative power of resilience rooted in friendship.


An Uncertain Bill of Health, Dir. Eric White

At 3:15 p.m. on March 29, 2013, an ExxonMobil pipeline carrying Canadian Wabasca heavy crude oil ruptured and poured several thousand barrels of oil into a residential neighborhood in Mayflower, Arkansas. Since then potential hazards to human health from exposure to the elements in the oil has been a persistent and inconclusive issue. ‘An Uncertain Bill of Health’ explores the concerns of citizens over the potential health effects amidst the claims of state health officials insisting there are no hazards to the oil spill in Mayflower.

Undercover, Dir. Marcel Guadron

An inexperienced and overlooked secret agent seizes her opportunity to prove herself by going undercover to stop an attack on an ambassador’s son before a peace conference.

Valley Inn, Dir. Kim Swink, Chris Spencer

Emily Mason, a New Jersey college student, finds herself in a dusty dying small southern town, a thousand miles from home, selling Christian books door-to-door for the summer. Through a series of misadventures in “the Bookfield,” and her growing friendships with the endearing and often comical local residents, Emily begins to discover what is most valuable in life, at the Valley Inn.

Watch the Rhine, Dir. Taylor Dan Lucas

France. 1944. Jim, a young Private in the United States Army, wakes up alone in a foxhole. He frantically treks through the forest trying to catch up with his unit. When Jim comes face to face with a lone German soldier he must find his courage. But are they alone?