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MAY 11-17

LRFF’s ‘Breaking Big’ in 15seconds Film Contest


The Little Rock Film Festival (LRFF) 2014 is excited to announce ‘Breaking Big in 15seconds Film Contest’ (#15secFilm)

This is your chance to win an All Access Gold Pass to LRFF2014 in 15seconds. Think you up for the challenge? Here is what you need to do:


Step 1: Select from our three themes:

  • Head South Y’all (#HeadSouth)
  • Your Story: Inspire us in 15secs (#YourStory)
  • What does Little Rock mean to you? (#LittleRock)

Step 2: Make a 15sec video

(You can submit as many videos as you like, no seriously, as many as you like.)

Showcase your creative best in 15seconds. No limits on what you can do. Pick any style and genre you want to work with (e.g. animation, comedy, horror, abstract…) Take your pick.

Step 3: Tag the video (this is an important step)

#15secFilm #LRFF2014 AND the appropriate category you want to be considered in (Only one category hashtag allowed per video, #HeadSouth or #YourStory or #LittleRock, allowed for each video submitted)

Step 4: Post it to Instagram, Twitter and Facebook

You must post your video to Instagram using #15secFilm, #LRFF2014 AND the relevant theme hashtag and also share it with us on Twitter @LRFilmFestival for consideration. When sharing the video on Facebook with us, make sure to share it on the Little Rock Film Festival’s Facebook wall for consideration.

Step 5: Beg people to vote for you

Ask your friends/family/neighbor (yup, that neighbor you never spoke to. Hey, here is your chance to break the ice), or even that stranger you pass by on the street to vote for you (and no, whatever anyone else tells you, it is not strange to approach a stranger on the street with that request, Duh!!)

Make sure to submit your entries on or before May 2nd 11.59pm. All entires/votes will be posted to So share this link, once you have submitted your entry, with firends and family to vote for you.

And that’s it. Seriously. Once you submit, our panel will announce the top 5 entries based on the number of votes. Our panel will then select one winner, to receive an All Access LRFF2014 Gold Pass, the first runner up will receive an LRFF2014 Silver Pass and the second runner up will receive a LRFF2014 Bronze Pass.

Winners will be announced by May 6th on LRFF’s Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.

LRFF retains rights to use submissions and content as marketing materials across various mediums including some minor, hypertargeted FB advertising.