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MAY 11-17

More Films are Announced for the 3rd Annual Little Rock Horror Picture Show!

The third annual Little Rock Horror Picture Show will be March 20-23. This year the festival is teaming up with the Arkansas Food Bank to “Take a Bite out of Hunger” because going hungry is a scary thing for too many families and children in the state of Arkansas. If you bring three or more non-perishable food items when you purchase tickets to LRHPS you’ll get $5 off the price of one full pass or $3 off the price of one day pass.

The documentary As the Palaces Burn will play at this year’s Little Rock Horror Picture Show making it the first documentary to play at the Picture Show! As the Palaces Burn follows the band Lamb of God in what started out as a documentary for their fans and takes a drastic turn when their lead singer is accused of murder in the Czech Republic. The documentary turns into an taut thriller as the legal battles are fought. The film is directed by Don Argott (The Art of the Steal).  A definite must see!


Point B from Director Conor Long is an homage to 1980’s science fiction films.  The film follows four friends who are trying to develop a clean energy machine only to discover that what they’ve invented is a rudimentary teleportation device. The film stars David Fetzer, Jared Shipley and Eric McGraw.