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MAY 11-17

Little Rock Film Festival to Kick off Monthly Music Film Series at the CALS Ron Robinson Theater

This Saturday, March 1, the Little Rock Film Festival will kick off a new monthly, music film series at the CALS Ron Robinson Theater.  The series will feature both new and classic, documentary and narrative, music themed films. Each screening will feature live music just prior, and sometimes after the screenings, from local and national acts. Sometimes the music might come straight from the the film itself and the featured artist, other times it might be a local act covering songs from the film, and still other times we might simply feature a great performer inspired by the artists on screen.

We like to kick things off local when we can, and the very first screening in the series will be Slow Southern Steel, a documentary about the underground, but incredibly popular American Southern metal scene. The film is directed by Arkansas based filmmakers David Lipke, and CT from the band RWAKE.

Slow Southern Steel, “shot in back alleys, parking lots, and the seedy
green rooms of the dirtiest clubs that the Bible Belt failed to snuff out,
these diehard musicians discuss their love of music and the south, as
well as the difficulties, contradictions, and insanity that haunt every
southern artist.”

The nights featured music will come with an  acoustic set from Jeremiah James Baker, and friends. Free for all ages.
Photo from Jeremiah James Baker.