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MAY 11-17

Little Rock Film Festival’s 48 Hour Film Project is Here

Words / Kody Ford – The Idle Class

Filmmaking is a grueling process that can test the patience of even the most seasoned professional. And that’s under a normal production schedule. What happens when you squeeze everything from pre-production to post-production into just two days? You get a boiler room level of creativity and innovation.

The Little Rock Film Festival is hosting its fourth annual 48 Hour Film Project on August 16 – 18. This wild weekend will have filmmakers rushing to write, cast, produce and edit a four to seven minute film. Each team is given a genre, a character, a prop and a line of dialogue that must be used. The story is up to them.

“[The] 48Hour is a great experience for filmmakers and film fans alike who want to get a taste of what it’s like to complete a short film from scratch,” said Levi Agee, producer of the LRFF 48 Hour Film Project. “You’ll never participate in anything like it. This is Little Rock Film Festival’s fourth year supporting the film festival and we are all very excited to see what Little Rock puts up on the big screen.”

At the end of the weekend, each team will submit their completed film, which will be screened on August 29 – 31 at the Bank of America Building in downtown Little Rock.

Registration is $160. Anyone interested can register here. The Idle Class will be on hand to cover the events and review the final films. Good luck and God speed to all the teams involved. Stock up on coffee now.