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Little Rock Horror Picture Show 2013′s Winners Announced


Winners announced for the 2nd Annual Little Rock Horror Picture Show (LRHPS) May 22nd – May 24th 2013.

The energy last night, May 24th-the Closing Night of the LRHPS, was a mix of fun, excitement and anticipation at the White Water Tavern as LRHPS director, Justin Nickels announced the winners.

LRHPS 2013

LRHPS 2013

The 2nd Annual Little Rock Horror Picture Show’s Winners are:

Motivational Growth, Dir. Don Thacker – Grand Jury: Best Feature Film

Modern Grumble, Dir. Toby Venable – Grand Jury Winner: Best Arkansas Film

Jug Face, Dir. Chad Crawford Kinkle – The Audience Award for Best Feature

Killer Kart, Dir. James Feeney – Best International Short

Eureka Incident Dir. Neil Osam at the LRHPS2013

Eureka Incident Dir. Neil Osam at the LRHPS2013

The Little Rock Film Festival’s, Horror Picture Show which began in 2012 is a yearly LRFF event showcasing the best in Horror and Genre fare from around the world. In just its second year, the LRPHPS has become a popular horror genre fest in Arkansas inviting and screening 30 films from 6 countries and hosting memorable parties and get together such as the End of the World party in 2012. Films enter to compete for the Grand Jury Prize, Audience Award for Best Film, Best Arkansas Short and Best International Short. The festival also hosts some of the best panels with top talent from all over the nation currently working in films, for horror fans and non-horror fans alike! All screenings were held at the Argenta Community Theater and The Joint. Saturday night after party’s was held at the Crush Wine Bar.

The festival opened to a packed theater for The Saturday Morning Massacre – Dir. Spencer Parsons and closed with Roadside, a film from Arkansas native Eric England.

Roadside director and Arkansas native Eric England in a Q&A post screening at the #LRHPS2013

Roadside director and Arkansas native Eric England in a Q&A post screening at the #LRHPS2013

Films in competition among others included:

The Eureka Incident – Dir. Neil Osam

Rwake: Live at Maryland DeathFest – Dir. David Hall

Motivational Growth – Dir. Don Thacker

The Mansion – Dir. Andrew Robertson

Jug Face – Dir. Chad Crawford Kinkle

Dead Weight – Dir, Adam Bartlett, John Pata

Dunderland – Dir. Finn-Erik Rognan, Nils J Nesse

Burlesque Assassins – Dir. Jonathan Joffe

“The Little Rock Horror Picture Show is a great way to have a lot of fun with friends getting scared in many languages! When something creeps you out a little too much, you then get to ask the director, ‘Hey, why’d you do that?’ and I think that’s something most people would enjoy”Justin Nickels, LRHPS Director

#LRHPS2013 audience

#LRHPS2013 audience

It definitely was a weekend of fun for horror film fans and for those looking to get their horror film fix. See the LRHPS2013 pics here

Coming up is the 7th Annual Little Rock Film Festival May 14th – 19th 2013. Stay tuned for more updates.

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