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MAY 11-17

My Volunteer Experience at LRFF2012 – Timothy Hadley



To be filled in a room with so many creative personalities, thinkers, and innovators is refreshing just by itself. To be surrounded by incredible talent, filmmakers from all around the world, and future faces of Hollywood is an experience one is sure to remember for a lifetime.

That’s what my experience was like, unforgettable. For newbies as myself or anyone involved in the film making community, it’s definitely great hands on experience or a great way to get involved. You never know what to expect; I actually got to go inside the directors room, view panel discussions, and see screenings been premiered for the first time; who would have ever thought that would come about just from volunteering?

The special events are fun, and you’re given the opportunity to connect and develop relationships with those who work in related fields you aspire to work in. More than likely you will probably leave with so much knowledge and new powerful connections; putting you ten steps ahead of the game.


Did I mention the parties? One word, unbelievable! We partied on the roof top and boat last year! You will leave feeling like an A-Lister; the Renaud brothers and their team bring something new, special, and fun to the table each year!

#LRFF2012 Volunteer Timothy Hadley with #LRFF co-founder Brent Renaud

Don’t miss the opportunity to give back to your community or the industry! Whether you work in front of behind the scenes; you’re a part of the puzzle and a part of helping bring entertainment and magic to the world! So share your gift, explore your passion, hone your craft, enhance your skills, add to your knowledge, and help create the magic! In other words, volunteer. The experience is certainly worthwhile!

Written by – Timothy Hadley, Little Rock, AR