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MAY 11-17

Made in Arkansas Film Line Up and Filmmaker Reception

Europa 3-D. The First 3-D Narrative Film Made in Arkansas

The Little Rock Film Festival will announce its Made in Arkansas film lineup Tuesday, May 15th at 4:30 p.m. at the Little Rock Regional Chamber of Commerce. The announcement will be in conjunction with an Arkansas Filmmaker Reception also hosted at the Chamber and including hors d’oeuvres and refreshments. The event is open to the public. LRFF founder and Executive Director, Craig Renaud, will discuss the full 2012 lineup and be available for interviews along with Arkansas filmmakers and LRFF staff.

“Each year since the festival started, we have seen a major growth in the film industry in Arkansas,” Renaud said. “The quality of this year’s Made in Arkansas program is indicative of that trend.”

Festival passes will be available for purchase at the event as well. Three levels of passes are available. Gold passes, which sell for $250, offer priority seating at all screenings, panels and parties including the opening night film screening, the Arkansas Times closing night gala and awards ceremony at the Clinton Presidential Library, filmmaker lounge access, and entrance to exclusive Gold Pass after-parties. Silver passes, which sell for $100, offer entry into films, panels and selected after-parties. Bronze passes, which sell for $40, offer entry into all films and panels except the opening night film.

Passes are available for purchase at

Arkansas Features:

The Gleaning, Directed by Brian White & Christopher S. Thompson

A dying community in rural Arkansas is wracked by two bizarre and mysterious deaths shortly after a new family moves into town. Led by the local preacher, the inhabitants of Halcyon are set against the newcomers as suspicions grow. Deeply-held prejudices and a clash of cultures flare as long-buried secrets are brought into the light.

Arkansas Documentaries:

Conlon Nancarrow: Virtuoso of the Player Piano, Directed by James Greeson

Although virtually unknown in the U.S., Arkansas native Conlon Nancarrow is considered ‘one of the greatest composers of the 20th century’ in Europe. This film explores the MacArthur Genius’ journey through the Spanish Civil War to Mexico where he spent the rest of his life crafting highly sophisticated and viscerally exciting works.

Running the Distance, Directed by Jonathan Davian Engle

Follow Jake Sanders, a distance runner from Heber Springs, Arkansas, on the path to his last race of his high school career and catch up with where he stands now.

Go the Distance, Helping End Homelessness, Directed by Keith Clements

Over 3.5 million people experience homelessness in America each year. ‘Go The Distance’ goes into the heart of the story by way of an organization known as Family Called Us and follows their efforts to help end homelessness in America.

Arkansas Shorts:

The Birthday Present, Directed by Michael Hemschoot and Sean Bridgers

For her ninth birthday Joey’s parents think they’ve gotten her ‘what every little girl wants.’ But Joey’s real birthday wish is about to come true in an unexpected way.

The Bloodstone Diaries, Thief Of All Things, Directed by Gerardo Bruno

When her husband Sam Bishop learns of an ancient stone rumored to have supernatural powers, Bettie, Sam, and the guardian of the stone, Anthony Pace are sucked into a centuries old chase for the fabled Bloodstone. Running for their lives from those who would stop at nothing to gain its power, Bettie, Sam and Anthony Pace must answer the question, if you could save the world but die trying, would you do it?

Cain and Abel, Directed by Mark Thiedeman

Cain, a young man convinced that God has abandoned him, becomes increasingly maddened by his jealousy toward his deeply religious younger brother. CAIN AND ABEL updates the Biblical story of the first murder to the present-day world of a small, churchgoing Southern town, considering the cruel implications of the Old Testament that still linger in contemporary Christianity.

The Children of the Mother Beaver, Directed by Burcham Erwin

Made in the style of budget foreign films from the 70s and 80s, The Children of the Mother Beaver follows a pair of siblings through the wilderness of 19th century Arkansas as they hunt for their father’s killer.

Chutes and Gates, Directed by Michael Gunter

A young boy’s Grandfather teaches him the ins and outs of farming.

Cold Tracker, Directed by Leon Tidwell

Jake returns home to rural Arkansas from what would become known as The American Civil War only to find his wife has been murdered less than a day before his return. The local Sheriff may know the people responsible but his indifference spurs Jake takes matters into his own hands.

Europa (in 3D), Directed by Bruce Hutchinson

An astronaut’s discovery of intelligent alien life on Jupiter’s moon Europa reminds him of a tragic past while giving him hope for the future. Meanwhile, the government must decide what to do about his profound discovery.

Fowl, Directed by Jesse Burks

The intersection of three young boys on the run and a deviant couple who occupies a run-down mobile home where the boys seek shelter proves to be most costly when the effort of one the boys to save a chicken from the couples coop doesn’t go unnoticed.

Good Guys Vs Bad Guys, Directed by Jesse Daniel

A group of neighborhood boys play war in their yard. Their imagination grows them up to fight in a future civil war as guerrilla soldiers who are hell bent on completing their mission.

Greed, Directed by Trenton Myantt

A wealthy man named Jimmy is on the run from a malicious Marshal who intends to see him dead. Due to Jimmy’s title sake sin, he quickly learns there is far more to this Marshal than fire and brimstone.

John Wayne’s Bed, Directed by Sarah Jones

John Wayne’s bed was inspired by the true story of an Arkansas outdoorsman suffering from Lou Gehrig’s Disease. This touching portrait shows how Allen’s love for life enabled him to continue to live on his own terms and not be defined by his illness.

The Man in the Moon, Directed by Kim Risi

When a new prison program lands a convict in a room with an Earth-view, he sets out to explore his new home on the Moon. A newfound friendship shakes things up in an already rocky existence.

The Proposal, Directed by Joe Dull

Daniel’s never had a lot of luck with women, so when he asks one-year-old Emma for permission to marry her mommy, he needs it to go well. It doesn’t.

Ruthless, Directed by Robert Kirkpatrick

In this short film, a hard-boiled, unrepentant criminal seeks revenge against the lowlife bookie who sent him to prison. He only has to get past the hired henchmen and the sword-wielding femme fatale, but there’s no problem that a metal pipe to the head can’t easily solve. ‘Ruthless’ is a quick and dirty homage to 70’s low-budget, exploitation revenge movies.

Shattered, Directed by Edmund Prince

Broken plates, chopped vegetables, and tense dinner conversation are only the beginning. This Lynchian look at a post-tragedy marriage is set in the kitchen, but the real mystery lies in the laundry room.

Still Life, Directed by Allison Hogue

After his landlord shows up on his doorstep and threatens to evict him from the only thing he has left — his home — a young, unemployed widower moves through one seemingly average day in the Arkansas Delta, meeting friends and strangers along the way that inspire him to take his next step in life.

Tree, Directed by Christy Ward

A slice-of-life film, ‘tree’ follows the easily distracted writer and single mother, May, as she struggles to find inspiration for a short story with a looming deadline. A funny, hip look at the Gen X creative class as they slip into middle age.