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MAY 11-17

2012 World Shorts Announced

Academy Award winner Melissa Leo in The Sea is All I Know

The Little Rock Film Festival has announced the World Shorts section for this year’s festival. Twenty-four films from all over the world which showcase various genres and cultures representing some of the best filmmaking in the world will be shown from Thursday May 31 through Sunday June 3rd during this year’s festival! The Little Rock Film Festival is May 29 through June 3rd.

Abigale dir. Robert Machoian & Rodrigo Ojeda-Beck
A short film based off a conversation overheard being yelled at a social worker, while one of the directors sat in the welfare office waiting his turn.

Animeditation dir. Jonathon Rosen
A short, hand-drawn visualization of the mental process of meditation. Wacky and amusing, yet at times enveloping and intense, the animation illustrates a surge of thought-images, and their inevitable retreat back to a pure and simple circle, a buzzing mantra. The swelling sound effects recorded on cassette and created only by a voice interact with the ever-morphing imagery in a way that guides the viewer through a bizarre experience; it is like watching an extracted slice of the mind displayed onscreen.

The Assignment dir. Scott Brignac
Brian Crane is a boring kid who is failing his literature class, but due to an eccentric teacher he is pushed to overcome his awkwardness and live a better story.

Beneath the White City Lights dir. Christopher Kai Olsen
This documentary follows the creation and development of the critically acclaimed 2011 story ballet “THE WHITE CITY: THE COLUMBIAN EXPOSITION” which brings the infamous Chicago World’s Fair OF 1893 to life through dance, in a story filled with passion, ingenuity, intrigue, and murder.  Its cast of historic characters includes famed architect John Root, ill-fated Chicago                mayor Carter Harrison, Sr. and America’s first serial killer Dr. H.H. Holmes, who preyed upon young women amidst the chaos of the Fair.  An insider’s view of the creative process, featuring intimate rehearsal footage, breathtaking performance video and candid interviews with renowned co-creators Ann Reinking and Melissa Thodos, as well as the many talented dancers who helped bring this story to life.

Bunker 731 dir. Jacob Scarpaci
Trapped in a bomb shelter, a married couple struggle with their only remaining option for survival.

Busted Walk dir. Steven Tanenbaum
Busted Walk follows a father and his teenage son as they walk to work on a winter morning in 1974. It is based on the writer/directors experience growing up with ankylosing spondalitis, a severe form of arthritis and what happened before his father revealed he had only months to live.

The Carnival is on Fire dir. H.R. McDonald
A girl ponders her loss of innocence while she is stalked by a lusting boy.

Chin Up dir. Michelle Walson
Days before Wendy Bloom will undergo corrective jaw surgery, her surgeon suggests an additional, purely cosmetic procedure to enhance her chin, throwing Wendy into an existential crisis about her appearance and lackluster love life.

Contra el Mar (Against the Sea) dir. Richard Parkin
Set in the coastal town of Baja Mexico, CONTRA EL MAR (Against the Sea) is a portrait of a young marriage struggling to find common ground amid hardship and uncertainty.

Crossing dir. Gina Atwater
In 1960s Georgia, a black teenager defies the rules of segregation and his conservative father when he walks through the front door of his white employer’s home.

The Darkness is Close Behind dir. Sheena McCann
A teenage boy anxiously watches over his meth cook father and his little brother – but his vigilance is wearing thin.

Die Beobachtung (The Observation) dir. Roman Gonther
On as normal a day as any other, K wakes up to be surprised by two formal-looking strangers who calmly explain that they have been assigned to observe him. They don’t know anything about the reasons or who sent them. All they know is that they have to observe K day in and day out. He comes to realize that it is no use complaining and shouting, the two strangers won’t leave…

The God Phone dir. D. C. Marcial
A down-and-out infomercial pitchman accidentally discovers the Ultimate As-Seen-on-TV device.

Golden Ears dir. Jonathon Rosen
A peaceful Mountaineer with mountains for ears is visited by an absurd and foreboding cast of characters: the Electioneer, the Engineer, the Musketeer, and the Auctioneer.

Happy Voodoo dir. Jenny Goddard
Happy Voodoo follows Damien as he attempts to use voodoo dolls to alter the lives of his three best friends.

Homecoming dir. Gursimran Sandhu
When Nina Patel is nominated to represent her eighth grade class at Homecoming, she’s thrilled.  But while trying to convince her traditional Indian parents to let her go to the dance, she discovers her father in a compromising position.

HWY dir. Michael Evanet
Julian Easton is lonely, twenty-seven and struggling with life as a musician. In search of a place to restart his life he drives to Portland from LA. He soon gets more than he bargained for when he gives a ride to a mysterious woman abandoned on the highway.

Idle Hour dir. Josh Harrell
Home to “Real stars, ex-stars, has-beens, wannabes, never-wases, never-will-bes, and hangers-on,” Bobby’s Idle Hour is the last bar on Nashville famed Music Row — the center of the music industry. The small, dive bar represents a dying breed of American songwriters.

Infinity dir. Randy Crowder
Elizabeth enjoys the perfect life.  But bad things happen to good people as this perfect life unravels in the blink of the eye from the unthinkable to the unimaginable.  What if, the eyes truly are the windows to the soul?

Lost Night dir. Jason Affolder
The story of an insurance salesman and a young florist struggling to cope in the aftermath of a violent robbery. But this seemingly straightforward crime evolves into a more complicated scenario that questions the nature of justice in a world that is far from black-and-white…A fractured narrative touching upon themes of trust, racism, and guilt, LOST NIGHT provides a glimpse at the dark side of life in contemporary New Orleans.

Man in Fear dir. William Jewell
A bloodied man walks into a police station wanting to be locked up. He tells the Policeman artists are trying to kill him. “By accident.”

Mr. Christmas dir. Nick Palmer
Every Christmas, Bruce Mertz lights up the neighborhood with the 50,000 lights covering his house. For decades he’s obsessively added to his display, creating beautiful, towering fixtures that people travel across the country to see.  In this offbeat, touching portrait, we learn what drives him, and discover how a kid who grew up on a farm with no electricity became Mr. Christmas.

The Sea is All I Know dir. Jordan Bayne
When estranged couple, Sara [Academy Award Winner Melissa Leo] and Sonny [Peter Gerety], come to the aid of their dying daughter, the experience sends them spiraling into spiritual crisis and brutal heartbreak. In the end, an act of selfless love, renews their lives, transcends their loss of faith, even death itself. —-it is a testament to the strength and resilience of the soul.

This is Our House dir. Ramtin Nikzad
A renowned Iraqi painter, displaced by war, longs for his past while observing his young daughter grow up with only a fading memory of her birthplace.