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MAY 11-17

Dec 7: Argenta Film Series "Kassim the Dream"

TICKETS HERE Official Selection at the Tribeca film festival and Grand Prize winner at SilverDocs, Kassim the Dream tells the story of World Champion Boxer, Kassim “The Dream” Ouma – born in Uganda, kidnapped by the rebel army and trained to be a child soldier at the age of 6. When the rebels took over the government, Kassim became an army soldier who was forced to commit many horrific atrocities, making him both a victim and perpetrator. He soon discovered the army’s boxing team and realized the sport was his ticket to freedom. After 12 years of warfare, Kassim defected from Africa and arrived in the United States. Homeless and culture shocked, he quickly rose through the boxing ranks and became Junior Middleweight Champion of the World. As Kassim trains for his next world title fight against Jermain Taylor in Little Rock Arkansas, keeping his demons out of the ring becomes increasingly difficult. His desires to reunite with family in Uganda intensify when Kassim’s only hope for a safe return is a military pardon from the president and government responsible for his abduction. Director Kief Davidson and Kassim “The Dream” Ouma will appear following the...

LRFF Programmer Levi Agee on the Film Bellflower

I’ve been following Evan Glodell’s debut film Bellflower ever since its premiere at Sundance earlier this year in January. Something about the film really struck me as being unique in the pile of Indies that hit the festival circuit every year. Let’s face it. It’s probably the black muscle car with flamethrowers named Medusa that appears in the trailer. The car is just one aspect of the preparation for the apocalypse the main two characters are obsessed with. Evan plays Woodrow, a twenty-somethingCalifornia transplant from Wisconsin who is best friends with Aiden who can guzzle down a pitcher of beer by himself when need be—mostly to impress chicks. That is where the film starts off with Woodrow and Aiden impressing a group of girls at bar. Ready to have a good time Woodrow is paired against Milly, a cute blonde female that could be described as a firecracker, to see who can eat the most crickets for a measly 50-dollar gift certificate. After the contest, Woodrow is smitten by her brazen personality and asks if he can take her out to dinner and she complies. The two begin a relationship that really is the heart of the film. The relationship could have went down any various route of Hollywood clichés with the first date but Milly wants Woodrow to take her to the filthiest, scariest hole in the wall he’s ever been to.  This lets Woodrow and us know she’s not what we expected. The film itself reveals itself much the same way. I was expecting a Mad Max inspired spinoff of testosterone and Jackass-style shenanigans which the film features but totally undermines the journey...

November 9: Bellflower with Director Evan Glodell

TICKETS HERE Offical Selection at the Sundance and SXSW film festivals, Bellflower follows two friends who spend all their free time building flame-throwers and weapons of mass destruction in hopes that a global apocalypse will occur. The New Yorker says Bellflower is “intense and beautiful. Blasts open a a new dimension in the cinematic imagination.” Rolling Stone says “Evan Glodell’s explosive debut feature is a thing of toxic beauty. Bellflower is one hot ride.” Director Evan Glodell will be in...