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MAY 11-17

The gallery closes. Thoughts on this years festival.

Film festivals are a whirl wind of excitement. In five short days I found it to be impossible to see everything I wanted to see, meet every filmmaker, and attend every event. Now that I am home and catching up on rest and the work I let slide last week I have made one observation on the LRFF both this year and in the past.

The LRFF is an incredible place to come together. But what the LRFF has done for Arkansas and the local film community in particular is to provide us, for one week a year, a gallery to display our art. At no other time of the year do we as artist have a place to “hang” our art. The experience of sitting in a packed house watching your film as well as so many other amazingly talented film makers is indescribable.

The Arkansas film community is very likely going to experience a surge in filmmaking in this state that has never been seen before. From the many local filmmakers who will soon take their talent from short film to feature and the projects from elsewhere who are now starting to take notice of our incredible natural locations as well as the local talent and depth of film crews available.

It is a very exciting time for all of us. I can’t imagine what we will see in the Arkansas Program next year.

I hope we all take the energy and excitement from coming together last week and turn that in to the inspiration, dedication, and hard work it will take to make the next film!

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