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MAY 11-17

Recap: Opening Night was on hand last night covering the opening night for the Little Rock Film Festival and the first screening in the state of The Last Ride starring Henry Thomas (E.T. THE EXTRA TERRESTRIAL, SUICIDE KINGS), Jesse James (PEARL HARBOR, JUMPER) and Kaley Cuoco (THE BIG BANG THEORY, HOP).  James and Cuoco as well as director Harry Thomason were on hand to do some interviews with them.  They’ve been covering this film for a little while now and if you can catch it before the festival is over recommend it for anyone who is a fan of country music or Hank Williams, Sr.  After the premiere Main Street in the Argenta District of downtown North Little Rock was shut down for a massive blow out party.  It was a chance for meet and greets with the cast and crews of not only The Last Ride but of films like Happy New Year, The Natural State of America, and Pillow.