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MAY 11-17

Show up early. Stay Late. Festival viewing and networking

Over the years I have been fortunate enough to attend many film festivals around the country as a filmmaker. While all film festivals have their own unique flavor and offerings I have learned two universal strategies for enjoying a film festival.

Show up early.

Screenings, parties, panels. Any event at a festival has the potential to fill up fast. Show up early. No matter what badge level you have. Space is going to be limited. Parties will fill up the fastest. The Arkansas Queen in particular will be a hot ticket this year. Show up early and be prepared to wait to board. I attended last year and can assure you it is well worth planning ahead for.

Stay Late.

Many of the connections to be made at festivals are at panel discussions and parties. While screenings are the focus don’t under estimate the opportunity to meet and talk with other filmmakers at the festival. For most of us this is a rare opportunity to meet and speak with filmmakers from all around the globe.

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