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MAY 11-17

Arkansas Film Community loses one of its best. Rick Dial

Jesse James, Rick Dial, Henry Thomas on the set of The Last Ride

The Arkansas film community lost one of our own this evening. Rick Dial a successful actor and all around great man passed away this afternoon surrounded by friends and family. We will all miss him not only for his art, but for his kind and generous nature.

The following is a letter from Harry Thomason on his friend and collaborator.

I was screening The Last Ride a few weeks ago for some people in Los Angeles
when Rick Dial appeared on the screen, an actress of note turned to me and
said, “Who is the guy who is playing the bartender?”. I told her a little about Rick
and she said, “He is such a great actor and there is something about him that lights
up the entire room.”

It is so true, Rick wore an aura of light – you just knew everything was going to be okay
if he was around. The world just felt like it was a better place when Rick was there.

Rick was born with more natural acting ability in his little finger than a lifetime of study
could achieve for most.  I can truly say that never, in a single one of his films, was he
caught “acting”.  He didn’t have to act – he just was whatever role he was portraying!

I hate the Lord has taken him so soon, we sure could have used him here for a while longer, but on the other hand, I can understand why the Lord wanted him, you can’t have to many good men around you!

Rest in peace friend.

Harry Thomason