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MAY 11-17

BOBGOBLIN to reunite for LRFF Music Video Competition

I lived in Dallas in the mid 90’s and there was no bigger band in town than MCA recording artists Bobgoblin. They were, and are, a punk band with incredible melody and a crazy concept to match that has something to do with Big Brother, the future, and a revolution led by a rock band in flight suits. Check out this video from a show at the legendary Dallas club Trees in Deep Ellum.

Lead singer Hop Litzwire is from Little Rock, and big props to LRFF Party Promoter Mike Poe for booking the band to play this year’s Arkansas Music Video Competition at the Rev Room on June 2. Following a screening of the competition videos and a set from some of the bands nominated for the top prize, Bobgoblin will World Premiere their new video, and play a show that nobody will want to say they missed.