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MAY 11-17

LRFF Launches "The Local Film Scene" Blog with David Fowlkes

There is a change happening in the Natural State. No longer are films being made by a few. The army is growing, the film count is rising, and the quality of films is skyrocketing.
Film is different than many other visual arts. While certainly possible to make alone, a film is most often approached with a team of people rather than taken on by one artist. With so many moving parts it is a daunting task to try and tackle story, production, and post alone. Being the team sport that it is, I hope to report on those three stages of production as well as the many talented filmmakers that play a role in getting Arkansas films to the screen.
The Little Rock Film Festival has been a goal of many and a supporter of all Arkansas film makers since it’s debut in 2007. I have been honored to be a part of a film in every festival since it’s inception.
2007  “Where’s My Close Up Mr. Thornton?” as a Grip Electric
2008  “War Eagle Arkansas” as Production Manager
2009  “Home Field Advantage” as Producer
2010  “Spanola Pepper Sauce Co.” as Producer
“Angeline and the Alpha Ray” as Director
2011 “The Last Ride” Arkansas Production Consultant
“Ballerina” as Producer
I hope to make this blog a place to report on films being shot in Arkansas small and large. To do this I will certainly need your help. If you have a project, film news, or any rumors on film you would like to mention email me at
Spring has sprung. Get writing, start shooting, and let us know!